Tour Dates

Date                      Location                           Venue                                   Details

2.21.14               Sturtevant, WI            Route 20 Outhouse                  Get tickets here

3.15.14               Glendale, AZ              Liquid Sol Music Festival        Get tickets here

4.04.14               Peoria, IL                   Limelight Eventplex                Get tickets here

4.26.14               Minneapolis, MN        Fine Line Music Cafe               Get tickets here

5.10.14               Chicago, IL                House of Blues                         Get tickets here

7.2.14                 Milwaukee, WI          SUMMERFEST                          Get tickets here

7.3.14                Great Lakes, IL    Naval Base 4th of July Celebration  Get tickets here

7.11.14               Antioch, IL                 Blarney Island                            Get tickets here

7.26.14               Chicago, IL               Taste of Lincoln Ave.                  Get tickets here






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