Rachael Isa wrote:
Congrats to Marty and Marla for making the first SE collection so enticing. When I purchased the Trees Dogtag, I felt very proud to wear it, thinking how I was planting trees with the purchase of such a beautiful necklace. Then I purchased the Star bracelet and loved the styling of leather cords with designed pieces of silver. Now after purchasing the Star ring, I’m so impressed with its quality, solid, strong, and the extreme attractiveness of how it just shines. An important factor for me is how jewelry feels on my skin and all the pieces feel great!! Thank you for the rockin’ beautiful jewelry collection I’m very proud to wear!

Judy Huong Tran wrote:
Fashion with a cause – love it! Congrats for such a great collection. I can tell every piece was well thought out. The bamboo scarf & arm-warmers feel so soft against my skin and warm. I wear them all of the time. Although I still can’t wear rings, the cut outs on the interior of the universe ring are genius and the exterior detail is gorgeous! And of course the trees dogtag with the dual-faced design is killer. I’m proud to have the debut piece from the collection. Keep rockin’ on!!

Susan Bousquet Cassidy (Bridgeport / Stamford, CT) wrote:
I love this collection — it’s the real deal. Exceptional quality with a reasonable price while planting trees! I bought the Star bracelet a couple of months ago and just got the Star ring. I get compliments every time I wear them.

Liz Ludlam wrote:
Congratulations to Marty and Marla.  This is a wonderful, high quality collection. I am so impressed with the quality and how well designed and the planning for each piece. I have the Trees dog tag and the Universe ring. Really gorgeous!!!!

Adrienne Summerlot (Bloomington, IN) wrote:
I love my trees necklace, I get compliments on it every week, sometimes everyday! It is just gorgeous. We need to look at getting it carried in a store here in Bloomington, IN. Great job on this special collection!

Keala Pauole (Los Angeles, CA) wrote:
I love my new MC jewelry. A Must Have for this Spring! Thank You. Yesterday, at work, I had someone ask me if it was a David Yurman piece. I said “Oh no. It’s a Marty Casey, from his Silver Elements Collection.” 😉 So, that was a conversation about Marty, Lovehammers, LA Guns & the MCSE on his site. Another day, I was asked if it was “King Baby” merchandise. Once again, the answer was “Marty Casey!” You’re doing something right with this collection. The quality, details, & design are awesome. Also, the personal note from Marty’s mom, on my previous purchase……Sweet! Kudos to MCSEC.

Glyndon Drewett wrote:
Great stuff. Already bought the Star Bracelet, which I am wearing to the Marty Casey show in Melbourne on Jan 24th, and brilliant stuff it is….next will be the Dog Tag necklace, just stunning quality. Congratulations to all involved.

Tanya Hamilton wrote:
I love all of my Silver Elements pieces (11 and counting) and I love the two of you, Marty and Marla for creating all of the beautiful pieces.  I am especially loving the leather tote.  I have gotten so many compliments and I am proud to say the designers are friends.  I look forward to the next trunk show that I can attend.  Keep on keeping on.  Love to you both.

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