Geometric and sculptural triangle hoops with hammered silver sides, enhanced with signature hand-wrapped silver wire along the bottom. In finest 925 sterling.


Universe Earrings

From our collection of Essential Elements, these leather bracelets look great solo, stacked in multiples or layered with our collection of charms. 8” braided leather, available in black, red or brown.


Braided Leather Bracelet

Essential Elements leather necklaces that can be worn solo, in multiples or layered with our collection of charms. 19” braided leather, available in black, red or brown.


Braided Leather Necklace

Hand-engraved in our unique design featuring a constellation of integrated stars. In finest grade 925 sterling, on French wires.


Star Earrings

A versatile design, inspired by Marty’s Mom. Vibrant blue ombre, hand-loomed in luxurious bamboo, trimmed with hand-crochet silver metallic. This 2″ x 84″ size doubles as a scarf or belt. ***SOLD OUT***

$65.00 NOW $40.00 ***SOLD OUT***

Marilyn Scarf / Belt

Hand-crochet in sparkling silver metallic, enhanced with a combination of silver metallic and bamboo fringe. Approximately 8″ x 72″. ***SOLD OUT***

$120.00 ***SOLD OUT***

Silver Cage Scarf

Signature style with a modern edge. This sleek watch has a double wrap leather strap with zipper insert. Features a black dial with silvertone hands; stainless steel case. Quartz movement and 1 year limited warranty. Adjustable strap with snap closures. Available in Size 1 (7”– 8”) and Size 2 (8.5”– 9.5”). ***SOLD OUT***

Originally $150.00 NOW $75.00 SOLD OUT

MXC Watch

A bold statement in silver and leather. The sculptural silver centerpiece consists of yards of hand-wrapped silver wire with hammered silver edges, on a layered and exotic textured leather strap with adjustable buckle closure.


Universe Cuff Bracelet

Multi strands of black leather cords are enhanced with silver stations in an abstract Zebra design. In finest grade 925 sterling. 17”. ***SOLD OUT***

$180.00 ***SOLD OUT***

Zebra Collar

Hand-loomed knit in our own edgy and graphic zebra pattern. 100% organic cotton; approximately 12” x72”, with fringe trim. ***SOLD OUT***

$150.00 NOW $99.00 ***SOLD OUT***

Zebra Scarf

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