Hook Bracelet is a new addition to our “Water” concept. A sleek and shiny silver hook is attached to double leather strands, enhanced with a loop and knot closure. 8″ length, in finest 925 silver.


Hook Bracelet

A new addition to our “Water” concept. Since every song needs a great ‘hook’ we designed this chic Hook Necklace. This necklace consists of a shiny silver Hook pendant placed on mutli-strand leather cords for a sleek and edgy look. Accented with silver rings. 19″ length in finest 925 silver.


Hook Necklace

Silver Hook Earrings on French wires. Shiny finish in 925 silver.


Hook Earrings

Inspired by nature, earthy and organic earrings to coordinate with our Water necklace. A “rock” perimeter surrounds the inner contrasted texture. Finest 925 silver on French wires.


Water Earrings

Inspired by nature, this earthy and organic necklace exudes texture. A “rock” perimeter surrounds an engraved “waves” pattern. Finest 925 silver on a 19″ silver chain.


Water Necklace

Organically shaped, detailed in a textured hand-engraved “waves” pattern. In finest grade 925 sterling. Also can be worn stacked with the Veracity Ring. Available in sizes 7 & 8.


Waves Ring

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