Our latest musical element is a necklace featuring a two-piece charm pendant. The record and microphone pendant is hand engraved with Marty’s passionate lyric, “Fly With Me Tonight.” In finest 925 Sterling Silver on an 18” chain.


Record Necklace

Arrow Earrings to match our edgy Arrows Necklace. On French wires, in finest 925 Sterling Silver. 1.5” long $60.00


Arrows Earrings

The Arrow. A strong symbol expressing movement or direction, such as moving forward. Multiple Arrows symbolize unity and friendship. Our interpretation is this edgy contemporary necklace that features Two Arrows extending from a large circular textured ring. In finest 925 Silver, on a 30”link chain.


Arrows Necklace

Lightweight and delicate link bracelet makes a great statement worn solo or layered with any of our bracelets. A combination of textured circle and diamond shaped links; 7.5″ length. 925 sterling silver.


Link Bracelet

Link earrings consist of oval and diamond shaped textured links. On French wires, approximately 2″ long. 925 sterling silver.


Link Earrings

An organic and sculptural design that makes a statement. Features hand-engraved lyrics from Marty’s potent song, “Maybe Tonight.” Signature MXC logo on the reverse side. In finest 925 silver on a 19” oxidized silver chain.
***SOLD OUT***

$130.00 NOW $90.00 ***SOLD OUT***

Guitar Pick Necklace

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