Well Well Welcome

Well Well Welcome one and all to the new Silver Elements Collection Website….. MCSE Two-Point- OHHHHHHHH!!! It turns out that over the course of the last three years we have developed more items than our last site could handle. I was walking through the corridors of the old site and saw that there were Trees Dogtags comingling in the hallways with the Honest I’ll Wait Necklaces and I thought “we better get some control in here or we’ll end up with little Honest I’ll Trees running around ……..”

We needed some more space as we continue to create and expand the line. Marla and I want to thank everyone for your continued support of MCSE. We always get such a strong reaction when we post new designs and I absolutely love when I see you wearing a piece from the line. I feel it brings us together, like we share a secret. I also want to thank everyone for your feedback. It’s keeps our creative fires burning to dream-up new pieces when we hear that the Universe Earrings get you a lot of great compliments or you let us know how it makes you feel to wear the Stars Bracelet.

You all know me well enough to know that when I see an unchartered path ahead of me, it is most definitely the route I am going to choose to navigate. When Marla approached me and asked if I wanted to create a clothing line I knew instantly that I did not want to dive into creating clothing at that moment. I wanted to get involved in designing pieces that all of us could wear. Something that would be a continuation of the bond we have created thru music. The uniqueness of each piece not only lies in the creative edge but also within the person wearing it. You bring the silver shine to life and your personality defines that creative design. I love that you wear the pieces so close to your heart, literally and figuratively.

The choices and paths I have taken in my life are only sustainable if there is momentus support from those that I love to keep me focused and fueled. I want to thank you all for being the driving force behind the Silver Elements Collection. Your support of all the beautiful pieces that Marla and I dream up is what keeps us cruising down the corridor searching for inspiration in your eyes. I hope that in a matter of time we outgrow MCSE “Two-Point-OHHHHHHHH” and we will be opening a freestanding store downtown. I know that’s dreaming BIG but you got to open up and be willing to throw it out there into the Universe…….. Ya neva neva know!


P.S. I don’t think “momentus” is a word but it sure does sound cool. I can see it now, the Momentus Dogtag! Haha.

12 Responses to “Well Well Welcome”

  1. Rachael Isa says:

    OH Marty, You Rock! And your MCSE line ROCKS as hard as you do! Looking forward to shopping in that store downtown one day! I like “momentus”!

  2. Liz L. says:

    You rock!!! Thank you for taking us on your journey and allowing us to share in your artistry and imagination. Marla and you have designed such exquisite pieces. People ask me all the time where I got a necklace or earrings. I tell them my friend is an artist and send them to the site.

    Well done Marty. Well done Marla. I look forward to enjoying your new designs that result from your never ending imagination.

    See you soon,
    p.s. You’re an artist. You can invent anything you want, even a new word!!

  3. Jenn (aka Cheza) says:

    I always get a smile when you blog. You have a way with words sir. The jewelry pieces are great conversation starters. That’s for sure. One of my students asked about the Trees Dogtag one day, because she noticed I wear it almost daily. If I’m not wearing it, I’m probably wearing the Honest I’ll Wait necklace. Heck, it even started a conversation between me and a complete stranger on the train ride from Chicago the last time I came up.

    By the way, momentous is a word. Merriam-Webster defines it as: important or consequential.

    Hoping to see you this summer,
    Jenn (aka Cheza)

  4. Brenda Jess says:

    The new site is excellent Marty and Marla.

    Can’t wait to purchase my next Silver Elements piece.

    I also am looking forward to shopping at that downtown store one day .


  5. Lyn M. says:

    Hey, Marty! I love the new website! It really gives all the MCSE collection room to shine. And I’m glad you guys are thinking big, why not dream of a stand-alone store? That would fantastic!

    Love to see you blogging again.

  6. Bonnie Jean says:

    Congratulations Marty & Marla
    Beautiful 1st blog entry here- from the heart. Yes- Let’s aim for a grand opening in 2012! I’ll cover it and bring balloons/champagne. On 2nd thought, I’ll bring the balloons, I know that
    you’ll be doing so well, you can bring the champagne.

    Wishing you the very best :) Bonnie Jean

  7. Shelly L. says:


    The new site looks great!! Chic, like the collection! Well-organized & intuitive too.
    LOVE the heartfelt, insightful blog.
    *Momentus* – sure, why not. :)


  8. Nancy M says:

    “Honest I’ll Trees”?! Thanks for making me smile tonight with your delightfully fun sense of humor, Marty! I am always intrigued by the way your mind works. It’s so good to see a blog from you again.

    My new watch feels amazing to wear. It’s so soft inside, like wearing a hug, and so rocker cool and edgy on the outside. I love it! I’d had my eye on that one for a long time.

    Thank you, Marty and Marla, for such beautiful and high-quality temptations.
    If you can dream it, you can do it, so go for that store!!!


  9. Valerie M says:

    The new website is fabulous Marty . I get a lot of very nice compliments on my Star ring . Hoping to get the earrings soon to go with it . I’m glad Marla approached you and you started this , not just for the beautiful pieces , but that it helps the environment by planting trees to help keep the forests flourishing .Wish you could have your Collection in stores throughout Canada. It would be nice to have one in Halifax . Kudos to both you and Marla :)


  10. Tanya Hamilton says:

    I love all of my Silver Element pieces(11 and counting) and I love the two of you, Marty and Marla for creating all of the beautiful pieces. I am especially loving the leather tote. I have gotten so many compliments and I am proud to say the designers are friends. I look forward to the next trunk show that I can attend. Keep on keeping on. Love to you both.
    Ps I love the blog and the website too!!

  11. gerb says:

    can’t wait to see the look on my buddies face when they get the tree charm. they are gonna love it. great stuff marty!
    peace to ya! gerb

  12. Trish says:

    The pieces are gorgeous!!! Classy but still have the rock edge. Love getting the emails when a new piece comes out!
    Now if I could also get my very own Marty on the site too! 😉

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